Style your knee high boots |all occasions |color formula included

If I could only choose one pair of footwear for the rest of my life, I’d definitely choose knee-high boots! They are comfortable, stylish, and visually elongate my height as a small-sized woman. In this blog, I will introduce 3 ways of wearing knee-high boots for almost all occasions, from a classic evening-out to casual shopping day.

(I am only 160 cm, can you see from these pictures?)

I will be styling my outfits with my all-time favorite – a pair of camel color boots. This color is amazing to match with because not only you can wear it for long dresses in the late autumn, but also you can wear it with blue denim shorts in the early summer.I also included a self-made color chart in the video:

Note: this video only includes the outfits and the color formula. For a more detailed explanation, scroll down to read the text.

Color formula – less is more

There is a rule when it comes to matching colors: use no more than 3 colors for your overall outfits (accessories like belt, sunglasses and bags included). I come up with an easier way to choose the color of your accessories – if you don’t have the same color accessories, always look at your hair color and find a color with the same tone. That is to say, if you have dark brown hair and are planning on wear a silver dress for a night out, try to pick a pair of black shoes or a black handbag. If you are blonde, try to wear a pair of white or beige color shoes. After picking out your outfit, always look into the mirror and think: Am I wearing more than 3 colors? Do I feel comfortable with this style?

If you do, it doesn’t matter if there are 10 colors! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

Styling Formula 

Above the knee dresses + knee-high boots

One of the most classic styles! You can either wear a comfortable knit dress for work or a glitter cocktail dress for a gala, the camel color boots will always do the magic. However, be sure that the dress is above the knee  – show just a little part of your skin to have a balanced look. So, if you are planning on wearing stockings, go with the transparent (or slightly transparent) ones. 

One tip from me: never wear those completely black leggings with knee-high boots and dresses, especially not the camel color ones! Without an exposed skin tone color to build a balanced, layered look, it looks very redundant and honestly, a little bit tacky. If it’s cold, you can even choose to wear skin color leggings and top it with transparent black stockings.

(Comparison: which one looks better?) 

Jeans (pants) + cropped tops + knee-high boots 

One very simple and casual look for daily life. However, make sure to wear a cropped top! This will have an added effect in terms of lengthening your legs. If the length of your top is too long, the whole look will be again very redundant, and it is especially a nightmare for small girls – you will look extremely short!

Short skirts +  tops + knee-high boots

Depends on the type of skirt you choose, this formula can be used for casual or office look. You can wear it with a short pleated skirt and a cute top, or a denim short skirt with a T-shirt. If you are wearing it to the office, match it with your one of your office shirts and a suit skirt which is slightly above your knees. I’d recommend wearing a matching suit jacket as well!

In my next styling blog, I will unbox some new office shirts I recently purchased online and style them for a daily office look. Stay tuned! 

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