Smokey eye To Go: how to do a smokey eye makeup in 3 minutes

Smokey eye makeup is usually considered as something only pros can do – especially if you don’t want to end up looking like a panda. In this blog (video + text), I will introduce how to do a simple smokey eye for going out or for your date – in just 10 minutes! It is not as difficult as you think, as long as you keep two things in mind: firstly, have the right set of tools; and, do a lot of blending!

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You need to have very, very good eyeshadow brushes. Good brushes determine the final result of your eyeshadow, they make sure the color stays longer on your eyes and can be blended evenly on your crease. Besides, while you use a good brush to grab eyeshadow, it will make sure not to ruin your palette and leave some nasty dust there!

In this makeup tutorial, we will use an angled brush and a tapered brush for eyeshadow part. 

Angled brush comes with different sizes, but the small one is usually used for more precise shading, for instance, drawing a hardline on your crease. Tapered brush, on the contrary, is to used to blend the eyeshadow or contouring more evenly.

Refer the numbers with the steps below

Step 1:

Take a cinnamon color as the base of the whole eye makeup, and blend it all over your eye socket with the tapered brush.

(Cinnamon color is suitable for people who have warm skin tone, so the whole eye makeup will appear to be more natural at the edge after topping it with dark eyeshadow. I don’t really like to have very dramatic smokey eyes that just look like they are popping out of my face, but if you like that effect, or you have way darker skin, you can choose a grey color eye shadow as the base. For people who have very fair skin, use a champagne color as the base)

Product: MAC Eyeshadow Palette – Semi-Sweet

Step 2:

Use the small angled brush to take some dark brown eyeshadow and draw a very dark line just along your lash line. Repeat this step a few times more if you want a really heavy smokey eye effect.

Product (same above): MAC Eyeshadow Palette – Semi-Sweet

Step 3:

Take the tapered brush and grab some dark eyeshadow. Blend it starting from the corner of your eye socket to define a deep-creased look. Remember to start from the outer corner first, and gradually blend it towards the inner corner. 

Product (same above): MAC Eyeshadow Palette – Semi-Sweet

Step 4:

Blend out the dark lines you just drew along your lash line in step 2. Repeat this, and only stop when you see no more any hardline on the crease. 

Step 5:

Draw an eyeliner! You don’t need very thick eyeliner for this makeup, because it will sort of cover the whole eyeshadow part. Just draw a very thin one along your lash line, that should already look pretty!

(if you like the natural effect, you can also replace the eyeliner by just using the angeled brush again to draw a hardline along your lash line)

Step 6:

Draw the lower eyeliner. Take an angled brush and draw a hard line, and blend it out with a brush or little sponge. 

(I don’t recommend to use eyeliner pencil for this because it will look too harsh to have a really obvious line at the bottom of your eyes. But if you prefer that effect, you can try it)

Product: L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner (01 Black)

Step 7 (optional)

Take your favorite liquid eyeshadow, and top it along your bottom lash line, as well as around the inner corner of your eyes.

(The eyeshadow part is pretty much done if you are looking for a matt effect, but I always like to add a little Glitter on top of my eyes, because I find dark eyeshadow a bit dull. If you like the sparkling, shining effect as much as me, this is a must-do step!)

Product – Stila glitter & glow liquid eye shadow (diamond dust)

Final Effect

Voila! If you follow these steps without any distractions, you should be able to finish one eye within 3 minutes, which means 6-7 minutes for the whole eye makeup. It is not a sophisticated one which you wear to a beauty contest, but definitely an easy one for a simple night out or an evening date. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite lip gloss to match with it!

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