Natural cut crease eye makeup routine – suitable for daily life

Cut crease eye makeup is the most difficult makeup style but a definite game-changer when you are applying makeup. It instantly lifts up your eyelids and deepens your crease, giving the illusion that you have a pair of deep, beautiful eyes. However, the majority of the cut crease eye makeup tutorials aren’t really made for daily life – they have an obvious hardline, which in my opinion, is super weird if you want to wear it in daily life. In this makeup tutorial, I will illustrate how to do a natural, soft cut crease eye makeup which you can actually wear in daily life.

I will also shortly introduce the products used in this video:

Princess Potion Face Primer: a recently very popular fast-absorbing complexion booster and primer for bare skins, which makes sure the makeup stay longer and look more radiant;

L’Oréal True Match The One Concealer, 3W: used for covering dark spots around the eyes, any possible acne or scars, the shadow of the fine lines.etc;

Lancome teint idole cushion foundation: Suitable for dry skin. The cushion design makes sure that it is easier to apply foundation for people who just start doing makeup, and you can also bring it everywhere with you. I really love this foundation, it is not heavy at all, which provides a light, smooth, and perfect look for my skin;

Kiko, Waterflower Magic Foundation Pigment Drops, 07: used for adjusting the color of the foundation, so you don’t have to buy a brand new bottle of foundation after you got tanned or your tan wore off.

Guerlain, pearls of powder, 03: finishing powder fo the foundation, which makes sure the foundation stays longer and looks cleaner. Always apply it if you have oily skin because you don’t want your makeup to melt after one hour!

Max Factor, Brow Revival Densifying Eyebrow Gel, 005: I personally prefer eyebrow gel as it does not wear off so easily. It also won’t cover the natural roots of your eyebrow compared to eyebrow pencils, which makes it look more natural.

NYX, Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer: eyeshadow primer has the same function as face primer, it maximizes the color effect of eyeshadow while making sure the eye makeup lasts longer. HIGH RECOMMENDED!

Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co Runway Ready Gift Set: This gift set includes an eyeshadow palette, a lipstick, a lip gloss, and a lip liner. The color combination of the eyeshadow palette is very thoughtful, I use almost all of them in various makeup routines, and the lipstick + lipgloss effect is super amazing – I instantly have a sexy big lip after applying it! 

Stila, Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow (diamond dust): this is an alternative as the one I usually use is very hard to be found online. Glitter eye makeup always makes me feel like a superstar – I am all shining and glowing with it!

MAC, Small Eye Shadow, Omega: the best contouring product ever! This color is very suitable for contouring your face, your nose, but in the meantime, you can still use it as a base for your eye makeup. I have already purchased my second one because I literally use it for everything 🙂

MAC, 224S/217 Tapered Brush

Smashbox, angled Blush Brush

See my post about the smokey eye makeup to learn about tapered brush and angled brush!

MAC, Extra Dimension Highlighter, double gleam: my favorite highlighter, a natural champagne color that can be used to highlight nose, cheekbone, and everywhere you want to highlight. 

MAC, 184S fan brush: the most suitable brush for highlighting, because I usually find it very difficult to grab the perfect amount of highlight powder. This type of brush is usually very soft and the coverage is big, so one little sweep will already give you a beautiful, radiant look for your cheekbone.MAC, Russian Red Lipstick: a matte lipstick with the perfect, most ‘authentic’ red color! Compare to ruby woo, this one is also smoother and easier to apply.

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