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Summer is here!!!

As someone who loves small shoulder/crossbody bags and buys a lot of them, I decided to share my ideas and thoughts on how to style your bags with your outfits to make sure their colors match. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Bags used in this video: Chanel Classic Flip (Vintage, Black); Complet Valery micro belt bag(White); Furla Babylon bag (Pink); Mango Volume bag, summer 2020 line (purple, green, white, brown).

Color Formula

Black and White Bags

While a Black bag is an essential piece that everybody owns,  a lot of people don’t like to buy bags with white color, mainly because it is so easy to get dirty. However, white color can really match with almost all the style and all the colors – from floral dresses, denim, to pastel color tops & dresses. Although it comes very handy to wear black and white, if you think these two colors can match with everything, then you are wrong. Always remember: match your black or white bag with similar color shoes, accessories, or your own hair color. Very simple: if you are blonde, always try to wear light color bags and shoes, like white or beige; if you have darker hair, then it is better for you to wear black shoes and bags.

Brown Bags

I recently just figured out that brown color is actually an even better color for styling outfits – in fact, it is almost the perfect color for all looks. The natural, earthy color can totally match with any floral print or green clothes, creating a sort of  ‘Mori girl‘ style of look, but somehow it also matches with denim blue. On top of everything, it is also considered as a humble, neutral color that you can totally wear for the office. So, it doesn’t matter if you want to wear it in the summer with floral dresses, or a pair of blue jeans with some white T-shirts, it is totally going to fit with your style!

Here are some color matching formulas which you can use:

Macaron Color Bags

Macaron colors usually refer to those pastel colors which have a high value and low saturation in the HSV color space. If you don’t understand what that means, just think about the colors you always see from summer dresses, outdoor weddings, those ‘unicorn colors’ cosmetics, and, baby clothing.  That is why some people like to call the colors of this family with names like ‘baby blue’, ‘baby pink’, because the colors look very light and fresh. You also see these colors a lot from macaron, hence the name.

Common macaron colors

Although they are super cute colors, they are rather difficult to match with, and mostly only suitable for the summers. If you match them with colors that are not bright, unless you are super good at styling, the final effect usually ends up being very disastrous.

The best way to wear a bag which is in the macaron color family is to: 1) wear the exact same color; 2) wear a color that is also from the macaron color family; 3) wear it with white colors.


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