How to contour & highlight your nose for a natural Barbie effect

For someone whose nose is relatively flat, I have been struggling with how to contour my nose to make it appear more ‘3D’. I have seen a lot of tutorials where they do a lot of dark contouring and the result just does not seem very natural and appealing. Drawing a dark line on top of your nose and blend it simply won’t give the nose a beauty bone structure.
So, after some research, I come up with my very own way of contouring & highlighting my nose. In this blog, I will illustrate to you how to contour and highlight your nose for a natural effect, while still making it look like a Barbie! Although I have a flat button nose myself, this method will also work on people who have a higher bridge and bigger wings.

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You will need two tapered brushes: one for the contour and one for the highlighter, and of course, contouring powder and highlighter. The products I used are:

MAC 221 Tapered Brush

MAC 286S Duo Fibre Tapered Brush

MAC Small Eye Shadow, Omega


Step One

I call this contouring method ‘CIO’. Starting from your eyebrow, draw a sort of ‘C’ curve along the root of your nose; an ‘I’ on the wings of your nose, and an ‘O’ on the tip of your nose. Make sure to avoid the bridge part. To avoid overdoing it, you might want to start light, only grab a very little amount of the powder in the beginning, and repeat this step a few times more.

(Draw these lines with the tip of your brush)

Step Two

Blend the contouring powder evenly. Make sure there are no hardlines. If necessary, you can even use your finger to blend it.

Don’t blend it all over your nose or face, stick with the areas highlighted in blue)

Step Three

Take a small tapered brush and highlight the root and the tip of your nose. Make sure your highlighter on the tip of your nose does not cover the part you just contoured. Again, be sure to skip the bridge part. This will give the whole nose a bone structure of a Barbie.

(Highlight the parts in yellow, make sure you don’t exceed all the way to your forehead!)

Here is how it looks like for me before and after:

You can obviously see that my nose appeared to be less flat, and the tip of my nose looks like a cute little button. That is the effect we are going for! Although it is very easy, make sure you keep practicing and look under the natural light to see if it looks natural. If you feel like you overdid it, don’t panic, just clean your brush, sweep off some contouring powder or cover it with your setting powder.

In my upcoming blog, I will introduce you a few (or I should say, MANY) highlighters I owe. They come in different colors and forms, which add totally different effects to your makeup look. Stay tuned!

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